13th Europe-Ukraine Forum
Фев 4 – Фев 5 весь день
13th Europe-Ukraine Forum @ Rzeszow, Poland | Жешув | Подкарпатское воеводство | Польша

The Europe-Ukraine Forum, organised since 2007, is one of the key events organised by the Warsaw-based Institute for Eastern Studies. The leading theme of the 13th Forum will be the continuation of the reform and modernisation of Ukraine in the situation of the presidential
and parliamentary elections. The weakly visible effects of reforms, instability of the economy, widespread scarcity caused dissatisfaction in society and, consequently, the failure of the previous ruling camp. Ukrainian society has very high expectations. Therefore, the vital
question is about the course of the newly elected authorities in terms of cooperation with the European Union and NATO. What are the next steps Kiev and its Western partners should take to ensure the country’s continued development and integration with the Euro-Atlantic structures?